A word from the Chair

The Roundhouse Community Partnership exists to serve the people of Athersley, New Lodge and Smithies in the ecomomic and social regeneration of our area.

Already over 5 million pounds have been channelled into our area through the Partnership to provide a number of projects designed to work with the people of our communities in making Athersley, New Lodge and Smithies a better place to live and in meeting the needs of all our people.

The Partnership beileves that it ought to respond to the needs of local people and to be accountable to them and because of this we are always looking for your input and comments. Volunteers are always welcome in any of our projects and you can find out more by logging on to the individual project pages.

Roundhouse Community Partnership is your Partnership and is dedicated to making our Community the best it can be. Why not be part of it?

Father Rodney Marshall
Chair of Roundhouse Community Partnership

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