Empowering Collaboration: PATH’s Numeracy Project

How PATH's Numeracy Project Team Took Charge with Support from The Round House

In 2023, I worked closely with the team at with Pembrokeshire Action for The Homeless (PATH), to secure £405,000 in Levelling Up Funding, to support the creation of an innovative project aimed at breaking the cycle of homelessness. This initiative focused on enhancing numeracy skills among adults furthest from the job market, empowering them to improve their circumstances.

Our collaboration extended beyond successful funding acquisition to ensure the successful implementation of the Numeracy Project, with every step guided by a commitment to transparency, dependability, honesty, and understanding. Upholding these values fostered a culture of mutual respect, open communication, and shared purpose, ultimately driving positive change and delivering impactful results.

Our journey commenced with mapping out the project alongside Dean Flood, Tutor Lead at PATH, identifying risks, and designing robust mitigation strategies. We worked closely with the entire team, fostering collaboration and aligning efforts towards our shared objectives.

One challenge we encountered was the varied interpretations of the project among team members, potentially leading to inconsistencies in execution. To address this, new project management roles were introduced, providing clarity and ensuring better alignment across the different departments.

The results speak volumes. Early findings indicate that the team has delved deep into understanding the barriers faced by adults in acquiring vital skills, with promising outcomes on the horizon.

Testimonials from PATH Project Managers, Cathy Lawrence and Matthew Roberts, underscore the success of our partnership:

Our collaboration with The Round House was invaluable. Ceri displayed impressive skills in dealing with all levels of management and was able to explain processes to those who were not familiar with running a flagship project

Ceri demonstrated a deep understanding of our project’s scope and success criteria, ensuring clear communication of milestones and tasks to keep us on track. Her understanding of team dynamics, coupled with her experience, led to the team being focused on what we want to achieve, even in the face of challenges

I’m pleased to share through their adaptability and unwavering dedication, the PATH team is well on track to make a significant difference in the lives of those they serve.